Open Source Portfolio Design

"OSPD" stands for "Open Source Portfolio Design." 


This is the key to creating a portfolio that enjoys reasonably stable returns, year-by-year, while keeping your investment risk to a minimum.


Closed Source vs. Open Source

Very few people realize that most financial firms severely limit the investment options their advisors can use.  Normally, an advisor who works with a large brokerage firm can offer stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds.  However, when it comes to financial tools like life insurance or annuities or even separately managed accounts, their availability is limited.

We call this type of structure "Closed Source" because an advisor in that environment can only offer financial tools that fall within their limited field.

At Centennial Wealth Advisory, LLC, we operate in an "Open Source" arrangement.  That means that we have access to everything a big brokerage firm has (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.), AND we also have access to everything that insurance firms provide.

For example, we have access to financial tools from the insurance industry that allow you to participate in market returns without the risk.  For a retiree, a tool like that may make sense as part of their portfolio.

Yet you cannot access something like that from a big brokerage firm.  In the rare event that they do offer something like that, you options are severely limited to one or two vs. the hundreds or thousands that we have access to.

Whenever you limit yourself to certain tools, without having access to others, you have to recognize that you are limiting your outcomes.

At Centennial Wealth Advisory, LLC, we believe in offering you ALL options, regardless of source, so you can best craft your way to financial security.

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