Retirement School Is In!

August is back-to-school month for colleges and universities across the county, so Centennial Wealth Advisory and Retiring Well University invite you to your own back-to-school series designed to help you better plan for your retirement in today’s “New Normal Economy”

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Tuesday August 19th, 6:00PM

Investment Planning

How do you best manage your portfolio to take advantage of the bull, while still protecting yourself against the bear?

In this session, we will cover the following:

  • How do you “lock-in” your gains of the past few years while still leaving yourself positioned to continue making money as the market grows?
  • Is it really possible to average 5-6% annual returns with low volatility?
  • Why the “New Normal Economy” makes holding mutual funds and variable annuities increasingly dangerous.

Wednesday, August 20th 6PM Long Term Care Protection As we age, healthcare expenses become more threatening to your financial security. Unfortunately, traditional methods of insuring yourself against these expenses are becoming obsolete in the New Normal Economy. In this session, we will cover the following:

  • What expenses can you expect for future long-term care needs?
  • How are you going to handle paying for those expenses?
  • What types of options are most attractive in today’s economy?

Tuesday, August 26th 6PM Taxes of Retirement Plans Your 401k or IRA likely represents both one of your largest assets and one of your largest tax liabilities. You can typically expect to pay the IRS tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, depending on your distribution needs. In this session, we will cover the following:

  • What options are available to potentially reduce the tax on your retirement plan by $10,000s or $100,000s over your lifetime?
  • If you are still saving for retirement, what are your choices to better balance your tax liability post-retirement, including utilizing tax-free streams of retirement income?
  • How do you reduce the often devastating impact of the retirement plan tax-bomb on surviving spouses?

Attendance if 100$% and a complementary dinner will be served but reservations are required to attend. Don’t be late for class…. RSVP today below or by calling 888-658-6982

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