The 4 Bases of Wealth Management


Base 1: Retirement Income

When it comes to your retirement, here at Centennial Wealth Advisory we understand that the income that you have coming in each and every month determines your lifestyle.

And you have worked too hard for too long to risk losing that lifestyle.

We believe that your retirement savings should generate sufficient income that is deposited, each and every month, into your checking account. Stock market gyrations should not have any impact on your retirement income, or your lifestyle.

Social Security planning often represents a significant addition to your overall retirement income plan. How do you best integrate social security claiming strategies with your portfolio income? We help you every step of the way.

At Centennial Wealth Advisory, we will never tell you to reduce your income or change your lifestyle because the markets had a bad year.


Base 2: Investments

Properly investing your retirement savings is the key to enjoying a stress-free retirement. 

When it comes to managing your money, we at Centennial Wealth Advisory specialize in the utilization of low-volatility portfolio designs.

This means that we build portfolios with a focus on consistent returns. Our clients understand that successful investing occurs through avoiding big market losses.

We happily give up some of the upside in order to avoid the down. When it comes to your retirement, consistency wins the game!


Base 3: Tax Planning

Retirees consistently waste thousands of dollars every year to unnecessary taxation.

We help you keep those dollars in your pocket rather than handing them over to the IRS.

We also recognize that your retirement funds (IRA, 401k, 403b, etc) very likely represent your largest tax liability. This is money that has never been taxed, and all too often distributions from these account lead to double taxation during your retirement years.

We utilize a number of proven, powerful strategies to significantly reduce your tax burden over your lifetime, often saving you thousands of dollars over time.


Base 4: Estate Planning

Every complete retirement plan contains the instructions for how to distribute your assets after you are gone. We believe that the best estate planning does this simply, with minimal taxation, very little to any probate delays, while keeping your privacy throughout.

Procrastination is far too easy when it comes to your estate planning. We help you make sure that you get done, and get it done right.

Estate planning can also include different insurance plans, such as life insurance and long-term care protection. We also help you best coordinate your insurance coverages with your overall estate plan so as to achieve your goals as easily as possible.

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